Michael H. Wasserman, Attorney and Founder
Email: michael@mhwasserman.com

Michael has practiced law in Illinois since 1985. He learned how at Loyola University of Chicago School of Law. Before that, he received a bachelor's degree in History and Economics from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

His first law job was to defend insurance companies and their customers against injury claims. He went to court nearly every day for six years and learned the trial advocacy, negotiation, and analytical skills he still relies on to this day. In 1990, he opened his solo practice, focusing on real estate law. Today, his practice has grown to include attorney John Aylesworth and legal assistant Camille Fron.

An avid cyclist and proud Chicagoan, Michael is the proud father of three, reasonably well-mannered young adults and is happily married to a phenomenal woman.

John Aylesworth, Attorney 
Email: john@mhwasserman.com

Joining the practice in 2017, John graduated cum laude from Valparaiso University School of Law in 1996. He started his career defending state administrative decisions as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Illinois. In 1999, he changed his focus to practice real estate law in greater Chicago.

Known for his balance of calm and strength, John delivers a high level of expertise for residential and commercial transactions, and condominium developments.

John lives in River Forest and, like Michael, is an avid cyclist. Plus, he and his son are on a life-long mission to hike the highpoint of every state. So far, they’ve made it to the top of 10 (only 40 to go!).

Camille “Mimi” Fron, Legal Assistant

Joining the practice in 2013, Mimi graduated from Columbia College, Chicago with a bachelor degree in art and design. A woman of many talents, Mimi spent the first half of her career as a creative graphic designer and art director. She later switched gears to open her own children’s clothing store in Evanston, which she sold in 2010.

When she’s not assisting Michael and John complete real estate transactions, Mimi gives architectural and history tours of Chicago’s finest landmarks and neighborhoods.


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